From the Beginning

Hi, I’m Jessica Purbrick and I work with some awesome people each year to find their voice, their depth and their richness; that’s my day job. I also lend a pro-bono hand to start-ups and social businesses to kick along their offering and ensure their business does what its meant to do.

I’m also the mother of two boys, in that crack of age between childhood and teenage years.

My favourite place to shop with impact is Dear Gladys – a vintage & online social enterprise supporting the work of Fitted for Work. I also buy from Who Gives a Crap and TOM Organic, and I am a founding supporter of Cowalition (we just had our first calf!) – this is my small way of contributing to a better place. Oh, do also have a thing for Made in Melbourne creatives, and cycling to work in heels (and more recently riding my vespa through the city streets).

My current project is Tweens Between – a weekly journey into my life bringing up an inner city basketball playing tween. It’s a very personal journey of which some I have chosen to share.

In 2012 I dabbled in Vibrant Australia – an initiative that grew from many conversations with leading regional advocates seeking to make lasting changes to the way of life for those living and working in regional Australia. Whilst still plodding along, this late 2012 creation of community clans is finding its feet.

Back in 2011, I made a video… Over a windy October day in the Snowy Mountains with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club, I aimed to capture a moment – with the sounds of the bikes in the background, some cheer and good times. Here I have tried to do that – eight old blokes who share a common past and a life together now.

Chillie Bob, Peter, Agent, Danny, Mike, Terry, David and Dimples speak of those days back in 1962-1975 when so many no longer have a voice to be heard. This brief video is my gift, as imperfect as it is, for sharing your day with me.

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